Water programs

The choice which contains more than 25 different programs allows choosing the activity which is most suitable for your targets.


Water programs

Water nicely influences the skin, mood, and helps always to keep fit. That is why water exercises are useful for everyone. Those who visit the gym or do fitness can relax after stressful training and give their muscles a rest. Watersport pieces of training are useful for everyone, there almost aren’t contraindications. A pool is also used for relaxing after the gym or fitness.

The World Class fitness club is equipped with the 25-meter swimming pool of the Olympic standards, the depth reaches 220 cm. the water is filtered by means of the best modern cleaning systems. At the World Class’s pool, work only high-qualified specialists which have the teacher or sports education. Both professionals and those who don’t know how to swim yet are allowed attempt the classes. There are individual and group classes.

45 min.
Training level: middle
It is the power class for training the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. Recommended after the Aqua Beginners class.suitable for every training level.

50 min.
Training level: middle
This is the program for experienced sportsmen. Classes with fins that increase water resistance and add the load for leg muscles.

50 min.
Training level: middle
The program for training the basic groups of muscles: abdominal muscles, back, legs, buttocks and arms.

50 min.
Training level: middle
The program considered the usage of special equipment called “noodle”. Intensive training for improving the aerobic endurance, flexibility, coordination.

50 min.
Training level: middle
In the main part of the training is used the principle of circuit training: aerobic and power work alternate. The usage of special equipment is possible. For middle and advanced training levels.

50 min.
Training level: middle
High intensive water training targeted at the general and strength endurance improvement. Includes boxing and kickboxing elements.

45 min.
Level of load: any
This is the effective training for the respiratory and the cardiovascular systems. The program is suitable for everyone, who can swim in at least one of basic ways. At the classes are used special exercises which help to correct the basic swimming mistakes. For any training level.

The program is for pregnant. Visit a doctor before attempting this training. The low-intensity level. There are used special programs for future moms.

50 min.
The program with using the HAPPY FLOWER equipment. Strength exercises for back muscles, arms and abdominal muscles, as result – beautiful and proud posture! For any training level.

50 min.
Training level: middle
The special program on water exercycle. Dynamic training for every training level.the middle aerobic intensity. The world of kids aquafitness is represented by programs for kids of different ages – from 14 months to 16 years old.

40 min.
The program is for kids are able to swim for 9-13 years old. Participating in various games, relay races and completing different swimming tasks, your child will develop his/her swimming technique and improve sports results.

40 min.
The program for kids aged 5-8 years, who has the basic swimming skills. Special exercises help the kid to feel more comfortable in the water. Taking part in games and relay races with special equipment will help to consolidate and improve swimming skills.

45 min.
For kids and teenagers of 9-16 years old. At these training guys will have to be cross-trained, completing tasks and combining exercises from different water kinds of sports.

Together with mom
30 min.
From 1.2 to 3 years old. The program is for the youngest. With direct parents’ participating and under the instructors’ authority, children get acquainted with the water environment and get the basic skills of how to act in the water.

Funny fish
30 min.
The program for kids from 3 to 5 years old. There is an adaptation to the water in playing form and learning the basic swimming skills.

30 min.
The pool program for the youngest, from 6 to 14 months. With the direct parents' participation and under the instructor’s authority children get acquainted with the water environment get the basic skills of how to act in the water.

Club's advantages

Gym equipped with the newest provided by Life Fitness and Hammer Strength

Roomy cardio zone equipped with the newest treadmills, ellipticals and steppers

More than 50 kinds of group programs

Sports pool

More than 20 kinds of water programs

More than 30 child fitness directions

Fitness testing, sports doctor

Fitness-bar, summer terrace for sunbathing and training, hammam, personal parking lot.

The flagman
of Vladivostok fitness industry

Since 9 years of work in Vladivostok the All-Russian fitness-clubs World Class network provided thousands of satisfied costumers with the world-level service and earned the unspoken status of a flagman in the fitness industry. As the first priority, the World Class has always considered taking care of costumes. The professional doctors and trainers team, world-famous training programs, equipment contributed by the leaders of fitness-movement, colourfull in-club life and an individual approach to every costumer allow the club being a good representative of the fitness-culture in Vladivostok.


We follow the fitness-trends, operatively adapting them in our club and suggesting costumers the wold novelties and innovational programs in all the fitness directions In 2018 in Summer we have completely updated our fitness equipment according to the latest trends in the fitness industry. The absolute leader-machines from the best producers Hammer Strength and Life Fitness are available now in our club!

coaching stuff

We are proud of our coaching staff! This is the most powerful team all over the city! All the trainers and fitness-doctors higher their qualifications systematically, attending various fitness-training sessions and courses. Annually we certify ALL our stuff with our Moscow colleges.

The diversity
of fitness-programs

The World Class Vladivostok – is the high-level sports club which suggests a plenty of directions of the high qualified fitness-services: gym, cardio training, water and strength programs and functional training, Mind Body programs, martial arts, dancing classes and also specialized complexes targeted at the effective weight loss.

The colourfull in-club life

For our costumers we always conduct different fitness-competitions, tournaments and launch thematical projects holding the high interest to the native fitness club.