Mind & Body

Unique programs, targeted at improvement of the physical condition of a body and soul balance and comfort accession.


55 min.
Myofascial relaxation – is a special method for muscle relaxation which helps to correct the work of hypertonic muscles. During training due to special equipment (rolls, tennis balls, etc.) there is the impact on the fascia, muscles, organs, internal organs, ligaments, joints.

Yoga for beginners
55 min.
Training level: middle
Yoga 1 — is the first stage of studying the ancient Eastern wisdom targeted at learning all the basic yoga positions, correct breathing and relaxing techniques. Pieces of training in this program strengthen the deep muscles of the whole body. Stimulate column extension, flexibility and body control improvement.

55 min.
Training level: any
Learning the basic exercises and techniques – is the first step of the Joseph’s Pilates system exploration. Pieces of training develop flexibility, posture and general physical condition. The training is lead with special equipment called “Reformer”. It is recommended to attend at least 10 classes before starting “Pilates” and “Pilates Mat”. Preliminary booking is required.

Pilates in the World Class
55 min.
Training level: any
Pilates — pieces of training for those who are already familiar with the program. There are used exercises of the middle difficulty. Training allow getting higher flexibility, strength and endurance. Develop the posture, coordination and general physical condition. The classes are lead due to special equipment called “Reformer”. Preliminary booking is required. It is recommended to attend after at least 10 “Pilates Intro” pieces of training.

30 min.
Training level: any
The Stretch & Go program will improve flex- and movability of your joints; will frequently ease muscle tension and fatigue, let the body to relax. The useful and pleasant pieces of training of this program will add you some grace and flexibility.

45-50 min.
Training level: any
This program is intended for those who are ready to spend an hour for health. Don’t greed the type for stretching! The training of this program improves joints’ flex- and movability, stimulate stress decreasing and deep relaxation.

90 min.
Strengthening the deep muscles of all the body, column extension, flexibility and body control development. Physical body development, reaching the inner harmony. For middle and advanced training levels: Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga, Angamardana yoga.

55 min.
The hammock allows feeling and exploring your body in three-dimensional space. The hanged condition activates blood flow. Due to various positions and moves, the “aero” gymnastics trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and strength training helps to strengthen all the muscle groups. It helps to reload osteo-muscular systems, to take the load off the spine and free compressed joints, improve flexibility.

Club's advantages

Gym equipped with the newest provided by Life Fitness and Hammer Strength

Roomy cardio zone equipped with the newest treadmills, ellipticals and steppers

More than 50 kinds of group programs

Sports pool

More than 20 kinds of water programs

More than 30 child fitness directions

Fitness testing, sports doctor

Fitness-bar, summer terrace for sunbathing and training, hammam, personal parking lot.

The flagman
of Vladivostok fitness industry

Since 9 years of work in Vladivostok the All-Russian fitness-clubs World Class network provided thousands of satisfied costumers with the world-level service and earned the unspoken status of a flagman in the fitness industry. As the first priority, the World Class has always considered taking care of costumes. The professional doctors and trainers team, world-famous training programs, equipment contributed by the leaders of fitness-movement, colourfull in-club life and an individual approach to every costumer allow the club being a good representative of the fitness-culture in Vladivostok.


We follow the fitness-trends, operatively adapting them in our club and suggesting costumers the wold novelties and innovational programs in all the fitness directions In 2018 in Summer we have completely updated our fitness equipment according to the latest trends in the fitness industry. The absolute leader-machines from the best producers Hammer Strength and Life Fitness are available now in our club!

coaching stuff

We are proud of our coaching staff! This is the most powerful team all over the city! All the trainers and fitness-doctors higher their qualifications systematically, attending various fitness-training sessions and courses. Annually we certify ALL our stuff with our Moscow colleges.

The diversity
of fitness-programs

The World Class Vladivostok – is the high-level sports club which suggests a plenty of directions of the high qualified fitness-services: gym, cardio training, water and strength programs and functional training, Mind Body programs, martial arts, dancing classes and also specialized complexes targeted at the effective weight loss.

The colourfull in-club life

For our costumers we always conduct different fitness-competitions, tournaments and launch thematical projects holding the high interest to the native fitness club.