KIDS FROM 14 month - 2 years

A lesson with the parents’ participation. Mastering of movement skills, fine motor dexterity of the hands, formation of memory and speech.

A lesson with parents' participation. Prevention of flatfoot. Skill development of balance, development of coordination of the movements. Includes elements of massage and health gymnastics, outdoor games.

A lesson with parents’ participation which need to enter the water with kids. Mastering the aquatic environment under the guidance of an instructor.

Club's advantages

More than 20 directions for kids

More than 15 water programs for every age

More than 10 child comprehensive development studios

Holidays and events


Water programs

The earlier you habituate a child to being in water and learning to swim the bigger will be the positive effect on the entire organism. More than 10 water programs for children from birth up to the age of 18 are presented in fitness club.


The world of fitness in World Class Children club provides programs for children from birth up to the age of 16. Strength and aerobic trainings, martial arts, choreography and dance classes, small motir skills development and more.


English ProFFi-sessions will show childen the exciting world of professions, creative work and linguistics. Pupils will go on exurcions of interesting places of Primorye and learn english language while playing.

Education studio

Complex development programs for children of all ages. Early development scholl for children from 9 months and children (from 5 yeas old) preparation to school. There are also classes of foreign languages, misic, arts, painting and allied arts.


What can make children fitness better and more fascinating? Only outdoor classes or classes in sport and health camp. During the whole year children will train outdoor, join weekend fitness tours, and during vacation they will go to children health camps of Primorsky Kray.


There are internal thematic children club events and sport events. Also thematic birthdays are hosting. It is possible to host a holiday at any format.